Harvey Birdman

Adult Swim

This is a sample of the sound design, music and mix by Bluetube for Michael Ouweleen and Eric Richter's Adult Swim show, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. 

Harvey music.

Periodically we made some music for a Harvey episode. We did a few parody pieces like Avenger's version of the Hollies track "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother; Rush's “Tom Sawyer”; and The Soprano’s theme for the episode “The Dabba Don”.

Michael Kohler
This was one of those opportunities to create a mashup of a bunch of my favorite character samples from different episodes. Also a DVD extra.
The Sopranos parody for the episode "The Dabba Don"
Here is some old footage of Michael Ouweleen, Eric Richter, Phil Ken Sebben and I recording bongos and Eric's vocals. Phil's parts were put in later.