Live Attractions & Exhibits

Bluetube has had the opportunity to compose music and design sounds for a variety of different attractions and exhibits for the amazing group of creatives at LifeFormations. Below are a few examples of the work we've done together over the years.


Great Wolf Lodge was one of the larger scale projects Bluetube worked on with LifeFormations. They created an animatronic and LED screen installation, and Bluetube creted the 13 minute music and sound effects show to accompany it. It involdved composing music and vocal parts for 8 different characters, sound designing all character and background effects, and the mixing the proggram for the multi-channel playback options needed for the instalation. 


Below are some smaples of the other pieces created for this project.


LifeFormations created an amazing animatronic exhibit for a large clock display in the Ukraine. This is the soundtrack that Bluetube composed and was use for part of the exhibit. It starts off with simple clock chime and ticking which creates the rhythm, and moves into an orchestrated piece with sounds of the clock's worker elves and vocals from the "Princess" character. It then progresses to a place where the clock seemingly malfunctions until the workers get it back on track.

The Soundtrack for a Ukrainian Clock

The Ukrainian Clock

The interesting part about Rodney from LifeFormations asking me to create music for this exhibit was, unbeknownst to him, my grandfather was actually from the Ukraine, he fixed clocks for a living, and was a musician who had huge influence on me when I started learning to play the guitar at age eight.

Michael Kohler

About LifeFormations

LifeFormations is a diversely talented art and fabrication studio dedicated to creating world class figures, attractions, exhibits and sculpted elements. We’re sculptors, storytellers, machinists, programmers, woodworkers, painters, writers, engineers, scholars, media junkies, video game warriors, model makers, toy collectors, illustrators and tinkerers… all with a passion for what we do, and a desire to try new things.

The LifeFormations Team